Cattle breeding

Cattle Breeding:

What is Cattle Breeding:

Cattle Breeding is the art of Science which is used to change the traits of cattle in order to produce desired characteristics.Cattle are playing a crucial role in our daily life, especially in an agricultural field.Animal Husbandry is habituated by human beings from thousands of years since The Domestication of animals.By using the process of Cattle Breeding, getting more advantages to farmers.Around 500+ cattle Breeds are recognized all over the world, some of them are Angus cattle, Hereford, Belgian Blue etc., Red Sindi, Hariana, Ongole, Siri are some of the Indian famous Cattle Breeds.

Cattle Breeding and Animal Husbandry:
animal husbandry

Animal Husbandry is nothing but management and caring for farm animals by human beings for agricultural field and milk.Number of Farmers in an India depends on Animal Husbandry for Milk, meat, eggs, wool, etc., India is the world’s first country, which produces largest Dairy herd(composed of cows and buffaloes).India is the Third Largest Egg producer all over the world and the largest Sixth producer of Poultry meat.From 1970 s, Operation flood is come into the picture so, that India became the Large Producer of Milk and Milk Products.The Objective of the Operation flood is to create the India became the nationwide Milk Grid.Operation flood is also called “White Revolution”.This White Revolution was started by National Dairy Development Board.

Cattle Breeding the Success of Science:
cattle breeds

Breeding is nothing but Reproduction.Whatever the qualities and behavior we wanted in cattle, we are creating the new generation and raising the livestock is called Cattle Breeding.By using Selective Breeding method producing the New generation.Selective Breeding is nothing but Artificial Selection.There are some techniques for Selective Breeding, categorized into Hybrid and Composite.Hybrid Breeding nothing but, the first generation cross between two animals and that belongs to two different breeds.Composite Breeding is nothing but, two hybrids of the same breed-combination bred back to each other for generations.Selective Breeding is Unintentional.Selective Breeding is also implemented in plants.


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